A fullscreen User Interface for VLC


JuceVLC is VLC with a simple MediaCenter-like fullscreen User Interface.


Browse and watch movies from your couch with a wireless mouse.
This is not mean to be a XBMC killer! It gives a Media Center feel to VLC while keeping the player as lightweight as possible.


  • Based on libVLC 2.2.0
  • Browse local or remote (via UPNP UPNP broken in VLC since 2.08) files and adjust settings using On Screen Display (O.S.D.)
  • Frontpage movies menu with automatically downloaded posters (from omdbapi.com) or generated thumbnails (no setup required)
  • Big, customizable fonts size and no tiny popup dialogs
  • Subtitles selection and synchronization using slider via O.S.D.
  • Search,Download,Extract and Load subtitles from opensubtitles.org
  • Keep last and favorite video folders, as well as the last thirty videos positions
  • Does not mess up your system: settings are stored in the application folder, not the registry (even through the installer)
  • Portable: Paste is on any usb key or external hard drive
  • You can use the installer multiple times:
    • once for your computer, activating shortcut creation,
    • and again for your usb key or external hard drive.
    Since it does not store anything in the registry subsequent installs won't affect the previous ones (except shortcut creation)
  • JuceVLC application uses regular VLC core libraries/plugins: You can paste future VLC versions directory along JuceVLC to update the core video player without any JuceVLC update
  • Customizable frontpage menu color theme, JuceVLC can be (almost) purple-free
  • The "space-key" allows your relatives to play/pause your video if they want to interrupt your watching session;-)


Matthieu A.

  • 0.91 (2015/03/24):

    • libVLC 2.2.0
    • Opensubtitles subtitles can now be downloaded and used on the fly through subtitleseeker results, like Subscene ones
    • 64bits version

    0.90 (2014/09/06):

    • Fixed French and external (user .lang files) translations text encoding for proper special characters display
    • Loaded subtitles names are now like VLC ones
    • Subscene and Podnapisi subtitles can now be downloaded and used on the fly through subtitleseeker results
  • 0.89 (2014/08/13):

    • libVLC 2.1.5
    • Switched from Microsoft VisualStudio to MinGW32(gnu/gcc) compiler under CodeBlocks IDE
    • Updated to Boost 1.56
  • 0.88 (2014/03/14):

    • General redesign (Metrize Icons by AlessioAtzeni)
  • 0.87 (2014/03/02):

    • Customizable frontpage menu color theme(Menu -> Player -> Color theme)
    • Title bar is now grey and wider
  • 0.86 (2014/02/14):

    • libVLC 2.1.3
  • 0.85 (2013/12/15):

    • Fix subtitle index selection menu and disable option
    • Fullscreen mode is not left anymore when loosing focus
    • Fix controls not always hiding/showing automatically when they should
    • Improve end of video management (wrongfully translucent menu)
    • Fix broken initial audio volume value
  • 0.84 (2013/12/13):

    • Fix startup crash when network connection is unavailable
    • Better frontpage drive/folder icons
    • libVLC 2.1.2
  • 0.83 (2013/09/29):

    • Audio channel selection
    • libVLC 2.1.0
  • 0.82 (2013/09/27):

    • Fixes frontpage lockups when changing folder
  • 0.81 (2013/09/25):

    • Fixes endless/useless files scanning
  • 0.80 (2013/09/24):

    • New frontpage movie browser with posters or thumbnails (thanks to Mark Pietras for the motivation/inspiration)
    • libVLC 2.0.8
  • 0.71 (2013/07/24):

    • Search,Download,Extract and Load subtitles from opensubtitles.org
  • 0.70 (2013/07/20):

    • Revamped menu : top item are always visible when listing many files
  • 0.69 (2013/06/24):

    • UPNP remote media support and browsing
  • 0.68 (2013/06/12):

    • libVLC 2.0.7
  • 0.67 (2013/05/10):

    • Save current crop ratio as it is not video but screen dependant
    • Auto purge missing favorite folders on available drives
    • Fixed secondary slider (audio offset...) reset after using arrows
    • Fixed video position no recovered from current playlist selection
    • Hide menu instead of shriking it on file open
  • 0.66 (2013/04/11):

    • libVLC 2.0.6
  • 0.65 (2013/04/06):

    • File listing sorting improvement
    • Auxiliary slider reset button
    • Fullscreen button
    • Auxiliary slider function selection icons improvement
  • 0.6 (2013/03/24):

    • Audio equaliser (presets)
    • Advanced subtitle configuration (colors, opacity,...) WARNING they are applied to the next played video
    • File browsing improvement (sorting and icons)
    • non disappearing controls fix
  • 0.5 (2013/03/21):

    • Installer (copying the new exe over previous installs still works) The application is still as portable as previously, the installer behaves just like extracting an archive, plus optionnal shortcuts creation.
    • Localization support (English/French for now) -> look at "France.lang" to add other languages
    • Automatic subtitles position mode (always above controls)
  • 0.4 (2013/03/17):

    • Save last 30 videos progress
    • Subtitles position slider (avoids subtitles being hidden by controls)
    • Smarter OSD Controls disappearing
    • Fixed moved window flickering
    • Added new configuration option (subtitles size, video deinterlace, video acceleration, video quality). They affect the next played video (added Apply option for this)
  • 0.3 (2013/03/16):

    • Fixed windowed mode being activated on video stop
    • Fixed window dragging with a new title bar
    • Added font size selection
    • Added new icons
  • 0.2 (2013/03/15):

    • Fixed disappearing controls on pause or slider movement
    • Added video adjustments (contrast, ...)
    • Moved windowed/fullscreen options to player sub-menu
  • 0.1 (2013/03/04):

    • First release

Frontpage movies posters/thumbnails

Filesystem browser

On Screen Display

Subtitles management and adjustment

Quick adjustement : audio volume, subtitles delay, audio delay, playback speed, disable

Video settings